Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija was established in 1972. During Soviet rule, the  Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija was growing fast and its infrastructure was designed to allow mass therapy of people from all over the huge Soviet country. Today Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija is the biggest sanatorium not only in Lithuania, but in the whole of Eastern Europe.
In August, 2002  medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija was privatised. Over a period of four years, it has received around 20 million Litas in investments. In the summer of 2003, the therapeutic bloc Eglė 1C was renovated.  In the summer of 2005, the living blocs Eglė 1A and Eglė 1B were renovated. In 2006, with the completion of renovation of living bloc Eglė 2, the renovation of pools in the health care facilities and the construction of two new pools as well as renovation of health care facilities, the sanatorium modernisation programme was almost complete.
During this period, the sanatorium constantly expands its choice of services and has already introduced many new therapeutic procedures, diagnostic sets of tests, weekend programmes and various weekly therapeutic programmes.