Therapeutic mud

Therapeutic mud – natural therapeutic factor
For treatment of our patients the sanatorium uses peaty mud, which is excavated in Jovaičių quarry, and which belongs to Eglė sanatorium. Peat is a product of long lasting decomposition of vegetative organisms (when there is almost no contact with oxygen).
There are different hypotheses about the way peat treatment works. Today it is thought that mud procedures affect the mechanical, thermal, chemical, pain and other receptors of skin, causing complex reflex reactions. First of all trophic (tissue alimentation) reflexes start to function. Biologically active material is freed in the skin and through it all bodily systems begin to react.
 Three therapeutic mud procedures are distinguished. The first is a reflex-outer phase, during which the mud energy affects the skin receptors, through which the central nervous system is being affected. The second phase begins as a neurochemical response. As mentioned before, biologically active material is freed, which, circulating with the blood, stimulates the nervous system. The third phase – reaction, takes the longest time (from 2 to 24 hours and longer).
Due to bodily changes caused by mud applications, different functions normalise, bloodstream and alimentation of tissues and organs improves, oxygen absorption increases, function of internal secretory glands becomes more active, especially if it was insufficient, excretion of products of different inflammatory processes improves. This reduces pain and creates anti-inflammatory effects, activates bodily protective and adaptive mechanisms, etc.
Eglė sanatorium provides the following therapeutic mud procedures:
  • Mud applications
  • Mud baths
  • Gynaecological and rectal mud tampons
  • Gum applications
  • Electromud
Therapeutic mud is recommended when you suffer from: illnesses related to motor apparatus (spine, bones, joints, muscles, chords, etc.), illnesses related to nervous system, illnesses related to digestive system, illnesses related to peripheral blood vessels, traumas, burns, after-effects of frostbite, otolaryngological illnesses.
Therapeutic mud is not recommended if you have: an acute, and in many cases partially acute, stage of an illness, fever of any origin, active tuberculosis, heart deficiency, malicious tumour, repeated bleeding from internal organs, pregnancy.
Therapeutic mud is assigned and dosed by your doctor, considering the state of your health.