White terapeutic mud

White hite therapeutic mud
Therapeutic mud has been used for many years as a medicine. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks used this mud for therapy. In the 1st century the ancient Roman historian Plinius Senior mentioned “soil that heals the wounds”. Claudius Galen, who lived in the 2nd century, described the ‘Egyptian’ way of using the therapeutic mud. In Italy mud therapy became popular in the 16th, in France in the 17th, in Germany in the 18th and in Russia in the 19th century.
Today mud therapy is widely applied in different countries of the world. Medical spa ,,Eglės” sanatorija , which has been operating for forty years, uses peaty mud for treatment. Today we are the only ones in Lithuania who can offer to let you try APPLICATIONS OF WHITE THERAPEUTIC MUD, ENRICHED WITH MINERAL WATER FROM OWN SOURCES.
What is white therapeutic mud? White therapeutic mud is organic mud from present and former freshwater lakes. Its therapeutic qualities are valuable due to better thermal indicators compared to therapeutic peat. It also has an abundance of organic, biologically active material and micro-elements (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, cobalt, etc.).
What is the effect of the white mud? During the procedure it affects the biggest human organ – the skin, and at the same time all the body tissues and organs. The skin has a lot of nerve endings, sensitive to pressure, pain and temperature. During the course of the procedure, the information received through the skin is transferred over the nervous fibre to the brain, processed and sent to the internal organs. This improves blood flow and metabolism, the body begins to perspire, harmful material is excreted, body temperature increases. During the course of the procedure, the white mud exerts some pressure, creating friction between the mud and the skin, and therefore there is an effect of micro (mechanical) massage. When it sticks to the skin, it in a sense ‘glues’ to itself dead cells, bacteria, harmful material, also in such a way it cleans the skin and the body. It also moistens the skin, protecting it from drying and ageing.
Depending on the temperature of the white mud (thermal effect), the skin absorbs from it biologically active material, which resembles vitamins and hormones, and microelements. This causes bodily inflammatory processes to slow down or stop completely, functions of main bodily glands (thyroid, genital, pituitary, adrenal) activate, immunity strengthens.
This shows that white mud affects all of the body, causing complex processes and thus improving its resistance, and initiating the processes of recovery.
The main therapeutic effects of white mud: recovery, improvement of immunity, inhibition of scar formation, anti-bacterial, soothing, reduction of blood clot, anti-cellulitical.
When do we recommend the white mud?     Illnesses and lesions related to motor apparatus, after-effects of head and back traumas, radiculitis, illnesses related to the digestive tract, skin diseases, gynaecological diseases, prostatitis, chronic respiratory illnesses, etc.
When is such treatment not recommended? When being ill with tuberculosis, severe bronchial asthma, illnesses related to blood and kidneys, insufficiency of kidney function, increased thyroid function, malicious tumour, acute infective diseases, acute inflammatory processes, cardiac insufficiency of II and III degree, high obesity, frequent and repeated bleeding of any origin, pregnancy.
How is the procedure carried out? You undress and lie down on the couch. A nurse applies a hot (38-40 °C) 1-2 cm thick layer of white mud on your body (except for the heart area as well as the front and the side areas of the neck). You are wrapped into crinoline and covered with a warm blanket. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. After the procedure you take a shower (without soap), and dry (not rub) the skin with the towel. You dress and rest for about 30 min. Procedures take place every second day. It is recommended to undergo about 8 procedures.
NOTE. Before you choose this procedure consult your doctor.