Additional services

The  medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija provides transportation services. For an additional fee, clients of the   medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija  and their luggage can be transported from (to) the airport or bus terminal.
For an additional fee, the  medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija clients may order individual excursions to Vilnius, Kaunas and other places in Lithuania.
For the transportation of its clients, the   medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija has comfortable cars and vans (VW Passat, VW Sharan, Ford Transit) as well as a trailer for luggage.
A trip to the   medical spa ,,Eglės” sanatorija from any point in the Republic of Lithuania up to 130 km from Druskininkai and vice versa, costs  (43 €) for one person one way, or (58 €) for one person both ways.