All families, who come to a swimming pool and sauna complex in “Eglė” SPA treatment centre in Druskininkai, are welcome to use a special family offer: “Family pass” *** Days of the week                             Family pass 2 adults + 2 children under 16 EGLĖ +                                                                              Price A                      Price B Therapeutic saunas and                                Every day               18                           29 swimming pools (2 hours)   “Eglė” SPA treatment centre   Therapeutic saunas and                                Every day               11                            17 swimming pools (2 hours)   ** if there are three or more children in a family, every additional child is 2€ extra charged. Price B is for clients who buy separate treatments and tests. * Price A is for those SPA treatment centre guests who use all SPA treatment facilities (accommodation, treatment, catering).
New and effective treatment method– functional magnetic stimulation
“Eglė” SPA treatment centre in Druskininkai has introduced a new and especially effective treatment method using “Magneto STYM” device. Magneto Stym (magnetic stimuliation) is a device for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and incontinence treatment. Special functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) technology is applied. The pulsed magnetic field generated by the device causes the muscles of pelvic floor to contract. This therapy is suitable for all types of urinary and faecal incontinence.  It visually improves  rehabilitation after urogenital surgery and delivery. FMS is effective for treatment of sexual dysfunctions, pelvic and lower back  chronic pain. Magnetic stimulation benefits include – stronger,  more powerful bladder and pelvic floor muscles. During stimulation the patient's attention is focused on deliberate muscle contractions which facilitates learning exercises and performing them properly later. More information:  magneto-stym
New treatment method for women – a signature massage “Izidė”
Izidė (Isis)– is a goddess of fertility ,water , wind and motherhood . She is a symbol of  femininity and marital fidelity . Isis is “the one who is everything” ( Apuleius, the Roman writer). The SPA environment for the massage is filled with harmony and peace. Prevailing colours are green and pastel. The atmosphere is filled with relaxing music. A subtle scent of rose essential oil gives a feeling of  pleasure. Rosal petals are used to enhance impact of senses. The aim of “Izidė” massage is relaxation and harmony . In the hands of a massage therapist a woman's body becomes an instrument which needs to be tuned.Women's energy is always focused on the inner world.  “Izidė” –is a subtle touch to a mysterious feminine space.  Due to gentle, slow but also deep hand movements a body is  relaxed , mind and soul calm down. A woman has an opportunity to immerse into her inner world and fill herself with peace. It is time for .yourself  The combination of techniques : ·Classical massage ·Mana Lomi Nui massage ·Face  oval improving massage It is an evening massage when day worries are over and when the pace of life slows down and all you desire is a relaxation. When you feel tired, exhausted or have mood swings and lose of the joy of life 'Izidė” massage is a wonderful opportunity to boost your energy and shine. Duration  1 hour. Price 40 EUR. Telephone for booking : +370 313 60255