New and effective treatment method– functional magnetic stimulation

“Eglė” SPA treatment centre in Druskininkai has introduced a new and especially effective treatment method using “Magneto STYM” device.

Magneto Stym (magnetic stimuliation) is a device for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and incontinence treatment. Special functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) technology is applied. The pulsed magnetic field generated by the device causes the muscles of pelvic floor to contract.

This therapy is suitable for all types of urinary and faecal incontinence.  It visually improves  rehabilitation after urogenital surgery and delivery. FMS is effective for treatment of sexual dysfunctions, pelvic and lower back  chronic pain.

Magnetic stimulation benefits include – stronger,  more powerful bladder and pelvic floor muscles. During stimulation the patient’s attention is focused on deliberate muscle contractions which facilitates learning exercises and performing them properly later.

More information:  magneto-stym