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About the Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija
The primary source of harmony and health lies in nature. Nature provides us with everything we need for our physical and psychic health. Clean air, mild climate, pinewood surrounding the  medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija, mineral water springs, therapeutic mud – all this combination can not only bring back the health, but also a joy of life.
 You are visiting the website of medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija .We hope that you will be able to find all the information you may need about this medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija, its environment and the services offered. Medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija , which has a long tradition of therapy, is a therapeutic and rehabilitation centre with the mineral water and therapeutic mud health care facilities, therapeutic and diagnostic premises and a mineral water pump-room.
It is a kind of a separate health town, surrounded with pine forests and situated further from the town centre. On the territory of more than 20 ha there are multi-storey living blocs named Žilvinas and Eglė as well as the health care facilities of the medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija . The guests are offered 400 two-bed and 229 single rooms, 32 two-bed and 8 single suites with all amenities. There are two-bed rehabilitation rooms for disabled as well. All rooms conform to modern standards. Food is varied, served three times a day: a rich smorgasbord menu as well as a balanced dietary selection in the canteen.
             The medical SPA ,,Eglės” sanatorija is open all year round and is capable of accommodating over 1,100 people every day. Guests come from different countries of the world looking for an effective therapy, good self-feeling and rest from everyday pressure and city noise.
             If you come along with your family, our little guests are offered a safe and spacious outdoors playing ground as well as a well equipped play-room for children and other kinds of entertainment.